The Sound Effects Recognition Test (SERT) was developed for those instances where conventional word recognition measures are not appropriate, such as those with language limitations due to hearing impairment. It has been shown that certain children who are unable to discriminate even simple speech can perceive correctly environmental sounds to which they are exposed in their daily lives. Under these circumstances, the SERT can provide valuable information about the integrity of the auditory system. This is a closed-set, picture-pointing task. There are three sets of 10 sounds plus a practice sound. Watch the practice! See video below.

The SERT includes: a) picture book with manual, b) audio test recording, c) score forms as printable pdf files. The extensive manual contains administration, scoring, and interpretation information. Age-specific normative data is included for ages three to six. Available from Auditec, Inc. Call 1-800-669-9065 (from US) or 314-416-1050 (outside the US) to order.

Sound Effect Recognition Test, recording and pictures  [Item 137] Price $126.50 FREE shipping to contiguous US.


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