Modified Rhyme Test

The Modified Rhyme Test is considered a word recognition or speech discrimination test. It consists of a series of four fifty word lists in quiet and in noise. The first and last fifty words are “in quiet” though there is a subdued white noise about 30 dB below the stimulus words. The second and third series of fifty words are in noise, the S/N selected to provide a predicted percent correct for normal listeners, labeled “P83 and P76” respectively. It is a multiple choice-pencil paper test. Each list begins with instructions and several practice items.

The Modified Rhyme Test is available from Auditec, Inc. It includes a) audio recording, and b) patient instructions, score form, and correct response lists as printable pdf files. There are no administration instructions or normative data for this product. It is assumed that purchasers of Auditec’s products are well trained in their use, purpose, and interpretation. Call 1-800-669-9065 (from US) or 314-416-1050 (outside the US) to order.

Modified Rhyme Test (MRT); Item 117; Price $119.00 USD + S&H

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